USS Constitution – Hull – Diorama 2

Now all that remained was to gradually fill in the remaining space with all the other activities I wanted to show.  I put in first activities that were related to the two already modeled.  For instance, early on I modeled the charcoal kiln and the workers making charcoal for the forge and wheeling it to the smithy.  At the same time, I build small boxes to hold metal stock and filled the shelves adjacent to the smithy.  The charcoal kiln was made from Sculpey.


I also made up several wheel barrows and a small wagon to hold various things.  I used one for the charcoal, one for the deadeyes later, and the wagon to hold the deadeyes with iron work installed.



Then I went back to the other end of the shipyard, and made up a platform saw and modeled cut planks and the men handling them.  Then I put in some timbers to make a floor for the second level of the saw shed and stored some planks there.








Then I had space to add the timber stock piles and some crosscutting sawyers.  And piles of cut lumber for decking and planking.  And the crews handling the cut lumber including the men rigging a load for the crane to lift onto the deck of the hull.







Then a pile of curved timber and crotch pieces and the men working to square timber and to adze the bentwood into shape for knees and other bracing timbers.

Then a couple of pole lathes, one making deadeyes.  And a man on a carving horse roughing out rough stock for spindle turning. And a man drilling holes in the deadeyes and a man wheeling them to the smithy for the ironwork to be added.

Now, with the addition of a few idlers and spare hands, the ground level of the yard was getting pretty complete.  I added more detail on the ground, some litter and clutter, lots of sawdust, and used some gloss varnish to model the wet sand and shallow water at the end of the ways.  It was getting to look pretty much as I wanted.