Hull Interior Part 1

Access to the interior through the large access hatch allowed some interior work to be done.

higgins_hull_exhaust_manifoldOne early step was to install the tubing for the air supply for the “exhausts”.  When the exhausts were made, I epoxy cemented short lengths of brass tubing into the opening of each, then let that tubing through the hull.  Plastic air tubing for aquarium use was then used, with connectors and control valves, to make a manifold on each side for later connection to an air pump.  I am planning to use a 12 volt air pump such as those used to aerate bait tanks on fishing boats as an air source.

higgins_hull_cabin_3The access hatch was sanded and fitted to the opening and supports installed along the side.  The cabin itself fitted atop the first layer of deck planking.  In this shot you can see the paper cans used to make up the gun turrets, to be added later.