Sock Yarn Sweaters part 1 – dragons

Front view of sweater.

Multiple smaller dragons flying up to re-ignite the sun.  Dragons knit from orange-red yarn for wings, and green yarn for body.  Background in the sock yarn from Paton.

Back view.  The eclipsed sun is on the left shoulder.





Some photos of the sweater in progress:

The basic sweater was worked in the round, using “Singing the Blues” sock yarn.  Each small dragon was knit up in three pieces, two wings, and the body, joined together, then worked into the body of the sweater.  In this photo, I have the work in progress laid out on the blocking mats deciding where to place the additional dragon, and where to fill in with short rows

In this shot, I have started to connect the dragon to the main body of the sweater using short rows, and have filled in around the left hand wing of the larger dragon.

In essence, the piece is worked in this fashion, doing the front and back separately and leaving openings for the sleeves and the neck.  There are 5 dragons and the eclipsed sun in the final sweater.