Sock Yarn Shawls – Part 7 – falcon

This piece is knitted from the center of the somewhat abstract bird like figure, done in a golden sock yarn, which shades gradually to an orange color.  I took advantage of the color changes to make the  body of the animal in one color and the wings in a different shade.

Once the animal motif was completed, the ground was filled in using a dark charcoal sock yarn.  Lots of short rows and circles, of course.


Here are some detail photos of the shawl to show the  construction.

This shows the center of the body of the animal.  This was created by casting on maybe 20 stitches, then knitting into the back of the cast on stitches and then around to create a circular knit, which was a distorted circle.  Then short rows to make a more ovoid shape.  Then more short rows for base of wings, and so forth.


Here you can see more of the construction of the “bird” as well as the use of small circles and short rows in the background.  You can also see how the color gradation of the yarn was used, and the use of the pattern repeats in the short rows to create feather like patterns in the wings.


This is a photo of the finished shawl on the blocking mats.